The horses of the Equinozio stable change skin becoming protagonists of a game aimed especially at younger people. Before starting to play each participant will be paired with one of the horses by drawing lots with the 10 pilot cards (the smaller ones).


The draw will be repeated at each race (transcribe the pairings on a sheet to avoid disputes). The maximum number is 10 participants.

The drawn horses will be considered horses in the race and placed at the starting strip of the track of 1,000 meters. Any unmatched horses (if the number of participants is less than 10) will still be deployed at the start but will be considered ghost horses and their placement will be irrelevant for the final classification.


Equinozio Game

THAT THE RACE START! The deck of the playing cards that will move the race consists of 100 cards, each horse depicted on 10 cards. Accurately shuffle the cards before starting to play.

Equinozio Game

To comment on the race will be the speaker of the race (one of the participants or an external figure suited to the role). The speaker will discover the cards one by one and the twin horse depicted on the pilot card will be advanced, each time, 100 meters on the track.

The player paired with the horse who will arrive first at 1,000 meters will be declared winner of the race that will end with the arrival at the finish line of the second and third classified.

The arrival at the finish line of the ghost horses will be irrelevant and the race will be considered concluded only with the arrival of the first three horses in the race. Participants paired with the winning trio will receive the prizes of increasing value at stake before the game begins.