The Equinozio board game consists of a race between 10 horses characterized by imaginative names. The horses in the race are depicted on ten pilot cards placed at the beginning of each race, at the starting strip of a thousand-meter track reproduced in scale and divided into fractions of a hundred meters.

The arrival is set at a thousand meters. Each horse of the picturesque stables is reproduced in 10 copies on the playing cards which together constitute a deck of a hundred cards. The horses depicted on the pilot cards advance on a 1,000 meter track in the sequence of the playing cards that are gradually discovered by drawing on the deck of 100 cards.

Summer Equinozio  With some adaptations Equinozio can become a fun game to propose to the sea, in the summer, to entertain adults and children pleasantly by going to plan a number of rides featuring the horses of the stable “interpreted” by 10 participants combined with horses by drawing lots.

Each participant will wear a t-shirt depicting the matching horse. The 10 competitors will be deployed at the starting line of a one thousand meter track. The track can be furrowed on the sand, or depicted with the available material, and will have a width of about 6 meters for a length of 12.